To-Do List



As I said in my About Me page, I’ve been studying for the upcoming Architecture Board Exams. I just recently resigned from my job to focus on my review classes but while I was “focusing” I also stumbled upon opportunities to do the things I actually love doing.

Growing up, my dad supported my interest in baking and cooking. Coming from parents that grew up in Pampanga and Bicol (Both provinces known for great cooking), there’s no doubt I got some cooking genes in me.

To add to that, I also enjoy playing with make-up. I even used that skill to earn some extra money whenever I needed it. My mother owned a salon but I was never interested in make-up when our salon was up and running. Now that my mom only serves her closest clients in her small salon located right in our house, I started to do freelance myself. In all honesty, it was hard to prove to my mother that I could do it. She doubted me several times, honestly but I always just laughed it off because I know my mom is passionate about it and I understood the doubt. But hey, I’m here and she had already seen what I can do!

Also, my parents are now living a life of comfort (but not too much) because they’ve “graduated” from taking care of us! We all graduated already and they can use their own money for themselves already. I sometimes find myself tagging along with their adventures and part of that is hotel hopping! My dad’s friend suggested that I should start reviewing hotels where we stay at because I’m capable of doing it already so why not?

So right now, I have a few things that I can talk about in this blog already!

    1. Baking or Cooking
    2. Gardening


  1. Make-up
  2. Hotel / Travel reviews

I’m pretty sure I’ll be adding a few more things in the future since I’m very adventurous with the things I do and explore. Like right now, as I type this, another tab is loading a schedule to pottery lessons. More of that soon, hopefully!

I keep talking about these random things in my life but I also have to remind myself to keep studying for the board exams!!! 2 more months to go!! Pray and wish me luck!

See you around! *hopeful confetti*