Ube Leche Flan Cake!


Have you ever been faced with a choice you couldn’t decide on? Sometimes you just gotta have both!

There’s nothing better than combining two of the most delightful treats I love! I’ve always seen flan cakes everywhere but never got to try them out until today!

I watched a video on Youtube and followed exactly what the girl did. The hardest part was separating all of the egg yolks from the whites. Don’t get me wrong. I’ve separated eggs before but for some strange reason, it was extra hard today.

I even had to make my own Ube Halaya just to fit the recipe. Here’s the LINK to the video I followed! My Sweet Ambitions gained a folllwing from me because she made basic but good filipino desserts that I’ve yet to try!

It turned out to be good! I just have a couple of notes that I’d like to change:

1. Syrup on flan was too thick and I could get a little bit more of it

2. Flan was a little too sweet on its own but is balanced with the ube sponge

3. Ube Sponge, for me, was okay already. It was soft! By my friend and my mom said it had the texture off bread and it could be softer. So I habe to work on that.

4. I don’t know how to make the entire cake prettier. It gets ugly when I use a knife to jiggle it off the pan.

I’ll try making this again but with a few of my own adjustments. Hopefully it gets better so that it deserves a spot in my Recipes page!


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